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When your Business has hit a plateau and your people are suffering from “same-ness”-same skills, same structure, same system and same strategy, you need a to radically shift their behaviors to improve result.

Jamie Pajoel has worked in 10 countries across three continents assisting Global Business Leaders, Governments officials, Organizations and Individuals to increase their Leadership influence by mastering the ability to harness people’s potentials effectively.

As an industry expert with experience in designing, implementing and managing initiatives which foster Human Capital Development, I incorporate real case studies and practical applications needed in developing competencies, improving performance, and driving business success.



As a Global Trainer with experience in designing, implementing and managing training which foster Human Capital Development, our approach offers innovative methods for gaining employee commitment to organizational objectives. It incorporates real case studies and practical applications that support leading and working with diverse personalities, simplifying processes, identifying underlying problems in Business and addressing ineffective Leadership practices, all of which can give rise to a dysfunctional system if ignored.

As a keynote speaker, Jamie Pajoel has delivered speeches, as well as attended Leadership programs at Johns Hopkins University; Carey Business School, Baltimore, Maryland; African Union Headquarters, Ethiopia; U.S Embassy, Abuja, Nigeria and World Bank Summit, Washington DC, U.S.A



By bringing together academic knowledge and industry experience, we ensure that our clients’ needs are at the forefront of each and every conference or seminar we falitate.

Inviting Jamie Pajoel is a commitment. A commitment to ensuring that you not only learn from the best, but you bring the best in professional education back to your office and continue to grow and enhance your organization.



Management and Employees training is a significant investment for all organizations. When an organization has a management team or group of employees with the same training need, in-house training option can be the most economical and ideal solution.

Our Training offers Organizations the opportunity to benefit from our extensive pool of experienced trainers who can deliver the training you need, when you need it and where you need it.  We work with organizations in advance to determine exactly what they need, after carefully studying the organization’s vision, mission, core values and then draw up a customized training to meet the required learning goals.


Highly interactive blend of informal lectures, group work discussions, exercises, case studies and videos

Any theory discussed will be grounded immediately in practical day-to-day work

Learning will be enhanced through active involvement in exercises followed by review



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