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On recommendation of the Honors and Awards Committee and the President, the Board of Trustees of Myles Leadership University may vote to confer honorary degrees on distinguished individuals. The Board awards an honorary degree only in recognition of extraordinary and lasting distinction. The award represents the highest dimension of intellectual and moral values; it should reflect the very character and quality of the University itself.

The awarding of an honorary degree is recognition of a person whose life and achievements serve as examples of the University’s aspirations for its students. It should be offered well before the end of a career, while the accomplishments are recent and the activities worthy of highest commendations.

An honorary degree may be offered to a person who has contributed significantly to the cultural, scientific, and/or social development of the State, nation, or world. The contribution should be sustained over a period of years and should be lasting in nature. One should be able to document the national or international impact of the contributions. The mere holding of an executive position, public office, or professorship for many years is not sufficient. The creativity of the individual and the extraordinary character of the contributions must be evident.

The individual receiving an honorary degree should have a sustained reputation over a period of years. The reputation should extend beyond the boundaries of the University and the state and preferably should extend nationally or internationally.

The activities of the individual should contain outstanding contributions in scholarly research, teaching and learning, the arts, public service, or business. The person might be a distinguished scholar in the natural, physical or social sciences, the arts or humanities, or a distinguished person in public life, business, the professions, or the performing arts. Evaluation will be based on the level of intellectual and professional attainment and the significance of the contributions to the enrichment and/or welfare of the state, nation, or world.

The Committee will seek to maintain a balance among various fields of activity, both in a given calendar year and in a cycle of years. A program in the awarding of honorary degrees should maintain a reasonable balance between academic and non-academic recipients, and various fields of endeavor.

Nominations for candidates may come from a variety of sources, including individual faculty members, departments, programs, schools, colleges, or campuses. They must be submitted through the office of the dean or chancellor. Consultation with respective college councils or departmental faculties is recommended. Nominations should be submitted to the special committee on honorary degrees at least 6 months in advance of the June commencement.

Initial nominations should give a brief summary of the individual’s accomplishments and reason for considering the individual for an honorary degree. After initial consideration, the special committee may request additional material in support of a nomination. The nomination should:

  1. Briefly describe the individual’s accomplishments, including contributions to society, culture, scholarship, science, or art; and
  2. If available, include a brief biography of the person. Additional letters supporting the nomination may be included

Please note that as a goodwill gesture, all honorary Doctorate recipients are required to support the university on on-going project.

After the recipients have been chosen, an official letter will be sent to notify the recipient of their selection for the doctorate.

All recipients are required to prepare a 5 minutes inspiring acceptance speech or presentation, as you will be invited to give a speech to accept the doctorate and inspire our students.

All doctorate recipients automatically becomes members of an elite alumni network cut across exceptional achievers in Africa and the world.

All recipients will be featured on the Myles Leadership Magazine at intervals.

Please note, as an alumnus of Myles Leadership University Doctorate degree program you become a part and parcel of the growth and development of the university, hence from time to time you will be invited to participate or facilitate in our coaching, mentoring or special webinars or classes for our students as we believe this gesture will help our students gain clarity about life and success.

As a member of the alumni association, you are eligible to be appointed as member of our international Board of advisors, this appointment is at the discretion of the Office of the Vice chancellor and it’s for a 2year tenure.

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