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Jamie Pajoel, APMC, ACBMP

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Venture Capitalist and a Global Business Leader. Jamie Pajoel is the President, Legislative Leadership Education, Canada, CEO of Vantage Group- a multiple million investment (comprising Vantage Heights Capital, Vantage Canadian College, Vantage Studios, Vantage Consulting, Vantage Certifications etc). As a Global Leadership and Management Consultant, he consults for Government Institutions and provides trainings to Top Governments officials, Captains of industries, Senior Executives, Managing Directors, Senior and Middle Level Managers from different organizations across the globe. Jamie Pajoel is a brand name in the field of Leadership and Management Consultant and is making waves internationally with many ideas on Organizational Leadership, simplifying processes, identify underlying problems in Business and addressing ineffective Leadership practices, all of which can give rise to a dysfunctional system. if ignored.

He is the author of Executing with Excellence, Building Strong Institutions, Leading From Within” and “Less Is More”. As a Leadership and Management expert with experience in designing, implementing and managing Corporate training which foster Human Capital Development, his approach offers innovative methods for gaining employee commitment to organizational objectives. It incorporates real case studies and practical applications that support managing diverse personalities and an in-depth understanding of why human experience approach is critical to organizational success. Jamie Pajoel is a recipient of the State of Michigan Leadership Award in the United States of America and a delegate to President Bill Clinton program in the United States of America. As an international keynote speaker, Jamie Pajoel has delivered speeches, as well as attended Leadership programs at Johns Hopkins University; Carey Business School, Baltimore, Maryland; African Union Headquarters, Ethiopia; U.S Embassy, Abuja, Nigeria and World Bank Summit, Washington DC, U.S.A. Jamie Pajoel is the founder of JPI (Jamie Pajoel International) an NGO with a vision to supports over 1000 families under JPI FAMILY SUPPORT SERIES, provides education scholarships through JPI EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIPS, provides access to global opportunities through JPI GLOBAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM and support young entrepreneurs to gain access to funding through JPI ENTERPRISE GRANT AWARD.


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